We Care Southampton

A group of Late Night venues have taken it upon themselves to raise the standards within the industry and by doing so, improve our customers experience!

We recognise our customers work hard for their money and they choose to spend it in our venues, so we want to ensure we go over and above the expected.

Look out for the We Care logo at the door of the venue to know they will do more to ensure you have a positive & safe night out. For your night out, check the venue carry’s the We Care logo!

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Our Pledge

These venues have agreed to the following points which together ensures we deliver a safer & more positive experience:

  • We will raise the standard of Customer & Safe Safety.
  • There will always be trained first aiders on site and staff appointed as ‘Welfare Officers’ to look after customers who need it during peak periods.
  • Where possible, venues are to have a dedicated first aid room or if not possible, procedures in place to ensure customers needing first aid are appropriately seen to in a safe environment.
  • Increase the care for vulnerable customers and ensure their safety by any means.
  • Reduce the risk to customer property by adopting a “protect your property’ scheme or one similar.
  • Actively encourage responsible drinking and agree to guidelines set out by this scheme which support the Government’s Responsible Drinks Promotion Act (2014 Order, Licensing act 2003).
  • Improving the competition between the We Care Family to ensure you you’re always made the priority!
  • Support Best Bar None
  • Actively implement the Red Card scheme. Banned from one = Banned from all.


These are the current venues that are sticking by their Pledge!

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